RS2 (Space System 2) is an operating system, which is almost completely written in 80386 assembler. It has a modular, monolithic kernel. Drivers(or modules) and applications communicate only through interfaces. The interfaces are identified by driver type and interface number. The driver publishes its supported interfaces through a standard interface which all drivers have to implement (similar to IUnknown in COM).

User programs are separated using virtual memory spaces as provided by the 80386 protected mode. The kernel and all drivers are mapped as ring 0 memory into each of these virtual memory spaces. They are then available to the applications through callgates.

A EC-Cash was written for this operating systems, and was in operation for several years.


Driver class Implementation
Graphics Vesa 2, Trident VGA, standard VGA
Communication serial interface
Data mediums Floppy Disc, IDE
File Systems Virtual file system, custom FAT file system (FS1), MBR partitions
Scheduler Präemtive, simple Round-Robin
GUI Module for standard components, separate program for a standard desktop.
Other PCI, CMOS, Port-Management, IRQ-Management, DMA, FPU (Scheduler Plugin), V86


  • EC-Cash
  • Operating system partition backup program
  • Minesweeper clone
  • Mandelbrot fractal program
  • A Game Of Life 23/2 with constant start conditions