The most important part of my work at the ATLAS TRT was the Diplom thesis for separation of pions and kaons. Further projects at ATLAS were about the identification of magnetic monopoles and q-balls. These should cause an ionization similar to simple charged particles and are predicted to have a much higher charge. This will cause a much higher primary ionization. This effect is used in the development of a new trigger, the fastor trigger.

Major differences to known particle identification by energy loss:

  • Ionisation cannot be calculated properly with the use of the PAI (Photon absorption and ionization) model.
  • Electrons cannot be treated individually during drift due to space charge.
  • The signal, expected at the input of the ASDBLR, is much higher than that of pions and kaons.
Within the two talks, the behaviour of the ASDBLR was studied for very large signals.