Oracle Virtual Box

There is a Virtual Box image (.vdi) for RS2 available. The virtual machine must be a x86 with at least 32MB RAM. The image has been tested with VirtualBox 4.1.18.

Manual installation


RS2 consists of a set of drivers in DRV and programs PROG folder. Drivers are compiled at demand and either have a .DRV, .BB,.BB2 or .BB3 suffix.

The MKBB program assembles the Kernel16, Kernel32, the drivers and the programs to a boot block.

Every required driver must be compiled by calling the equally named .BAT in the DRV or PROG directories. After that the DO.BAT must be called to assembler the boot block.

If a driver should be removed, the driver file must be first deleted out of the DRV or PROG directories. Then a new boot block must be created with the DO.BAT.

All further steps depend on the chosen target disk.


RS2 was developed using DOS. To increase development speed, RS2 ignores the first logical Megabyte of RAM, and can be loaded and terminated like a DOS program using a special loader. The L.BAT calls this loader. RS2 can only return to DOS, if neither DOS or BIOS need any memory above the 1MB threshold.

Installation to disk

For installations to disk use the DMAN\DMAN.EXE program. It requires the BIOS drive number in decimal. The table lists common numbers:

Drive Number
Floppy Disk A 0
Hard Disk 1 128
Hard Disk 2 129

Then a start sector must be provided. This sector can be the first sector of a partition or the sector 0 of the disk, if the entire disk should be used.

The simplest way to install RS2 is to pass stdinstall to DMAN\DMAN.EXE as a parameter. The required layout is then created automatically.