Oracle Virtual Box

There is a Virtual Box Image (.vdi) for RS3 available. The virtual machine must be a x86 with at least 32MB RAM. The image has been tested with VirtualBox 4.1.18.

Manual installation


RS3 consists of a set of drivers in the DRV, and programs in the PROG directory. Drivers and programs have the suffix .BFS while user programs have the suffix .RS3.

The boot block is generated using CONF\CONFIG2 With this program, drivers and programs can be added or removed individually. It is also possible to create a complete disk image, the DISK.IMG with it.


RS3 was as RS2 developed using DOS. It can also be started from DOS if DOS has been configured to use only the first logical Megabyte in memory. For loading, just execute the L.BAT. If the system shuts down, DOS should be available again.

Installation to disk

Every installation tool requires a BIOS disk number in decimal. The table lists common numbers:

Drive Number
Floppy Disk A 0
Hard Disk 1 128
Hard Disk 2 129

Without partitions

The DISK.IMG can be written to any disk+ using DMAN\RAWRITE. If this is a hard disk, it can still be booted, but does not have a partition system.

With partitions

Partitions can be converted to RS3 partitions using DMAN\RS3Part. DMAN\RS3Part also writes the boot blocks generated with CONF\CONFIG2 into any partition and makes it able to boot. DMAN\RS3Part can also activate that partition.

The master boot sector can be replaced by a RS3 master boot sector. Please execute DMAN\PATCHPAR for this.